Beginner Course

This is the course where students know very little or absolutely nothing about the chess game. Here at TCF we have qualified trainers who understands every beginners state of mind and the problems they are likely to face. Here, we try to teach them the concept of the game in easy and friendly language. Also we provide them with basic books and other materials which enhances their interest in the game . Whatever age they are starting, we methodically try to excel them, so that they can reach the next level with a sound and strong foundation.
With the students interest and TCF’s efforts, the possibilities are ENDLESS.
Course Duration – (1 to 2 yrs).

Intermediate Course

When a player has crossed the beginer level then our trainers suggest that they are now ready to participate regularly in chess tournaments all over the world(with their level best), we call this level, the Intermediate level.
Here, the training gets very scientific and methodical.
At TCF, we try to give individual attention to each and every intermediate player and discuss their strengths and weakness.
We prepare them not only by teaching chess but also try to develop in them a strong mindset, so that they may look forward to the future with determination and confidence.
We discuss each and every of the games they have played, and analyse them deeply to show them their mistakes and how they can learn from them.
Individual opening line selection, solving lots of tactical and strategical positions, playing training games with other students and also with our trainers, imparting a sound practical endgame knowledge ….are some of our methods by which we train our intermediate players and try to ease their way in becoming an Advanced player.
We at TCF move hand in hand with our students to their road to Success.
Course duration – (1 to 2yrs).

Advance Course

Stage wise this course is after the intermediate course. This Stage calls for a clinical performance by a player. Here the  need for calling ahead is very high. There is no room for complacency. If one has reached this for it means the stage is set for him to become a bidding. I’m devotion and dedication, along with perspiration and inspiration is the key in this particular level. Here both internal motivation and external motivation helps on an aspirant’s further journey. As the name suggests, advancement not only in career but also advance in  mental toughness and dexterity.

Expert Level

This course is the most exhilarating stage. As the intricacies of the game are precisely contemplated, both the experienced Coach and the student must have a synchronized symbiosis to achieve the desired good. Every bit of information is to be taken care of right from rest, food fabric, daily practice, areas of improvement, meditation, association with partners etc., Expert should be well aware of his duties and responsibility not only towards his career as family but collectively toward the nation as whole.