TCF is an organisation which specialises in training and building chess talents from all over the globe. We have more than 10 years experience in coaching students on-line and off-line (over the board). We have already produced some very strong chess players who have qualified in West Bengal State Chess Championship and won prizes in the age categories. Who have qualified in various state, national and international events and won prizes in age categories. They have also shown significant progress in their Elo Rating. The game is still widely played around the world among participants of all ages. Chess in going through a revolution since the pandemic and is now one of the most popular sports in the world. It also has decent career prospects. A chess player is someone who is smart, logical and good at maths, good at logical reasoning. Chess is a game of strategy where the ultimate objective is checkmate your opponent’s King. Everything is a part of strategy. Dynamic strategy is tactics/initiative/compensation/complications. Positional strategy is space/piece play/pawn play/king Safety/weakness/centre/time.

Our Mission and Vision

We aim to provide technically sound and structured Chess Lessons to all our Students. We help our students, not only, to become strong chess players, but also to become an upright human being in his own life. Some of the essence of Chess coaching, such as, Patience, Thinking correctly under pressure, Decision making, Hard and Smart work etc. have helped our students to achieve their professional and real life goals. Also, the straits of a world class player, such as, Self-esteem, Ideology, Respect for others, are embedded in each and everyone of our students
We have tried and succeeded to make one’s life more beautiful and purposeful through our Chess Training Chronicles. We are determined to reach our goals with and only with our students.